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Chicago Neighborhood Guide

Chicago Neighborhood Guide

Chicago is a city comprised of many different neighborhoods. After the Chicago Fire, the city was re-built in a checkerboard or grid fashion. Later, the Chicago Park District divided the city in 77 official neighborhoods, each with its own name. Additionally, over time certain areas of the city became known by their own neighborhood name, creating "neighborhoods within neighborhoods". And sometimes the definition of these "neighborhoods within neighborhoods" will vary depending upon whom you talk to.

The boundaries of each neighborhood are defined by certain streets, and each street has a grid coordinate based upon a standard numbering system. Each street is assigned a grid coordinate as being north, south, east, or west of the "zero-zero" coordinate. The "zero-zero" coordinate is the intersection of State & Madison in Chicago's "Loop" (central business district).

Albany Park

Chicago River to Elston and Pulaski (4000W), Irving Park (4000N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N) Includes Ravenswood Manor


Glenwood (1400W) to Ravenswood (1800W), Foster (5200N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N)

Belmont Harbor

Lake Michigan to Broadway, Diversey (2800N) to Addison (3600N) Sometimes called Lakeview East or Newtown


Ravenswood (1800W) to Western (2400W), Foster (5200N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N)


Dan Ryan Expressway to Ashland (1600W), Pershing (3900S) to. Archer and 26th (2600S)


Kennedy Expressway to Western (2400W), North (1600N) to Fullerton (2400N)

Budlong Woods

Western (2400W) to Chicago River, Foster (5200N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N)

Buena Park

Marine Drive to Kenmore, Irving Park (4000N) to Montrose (4400N)

Burnham Park/South Loop

Roosevelt Road (1200S) to Jackson (300S), Michigan Avenue (100E) to Chicago River


Wentworth (200W) to Stewart (400 W), Stevenson Expressway to Archer and Cermak (2200S)

Cityfront Center

Lake Michigan to Michigan Avenue, Chicago River to Grand Avenue

Clarendon Park

Montrose (4400 N) to Lawrence (4800N), Lake Michigan to Sheridan (800 W)

Clybourn Corridor

Clybourn to Chicago River, North (1600N) to Wrightwood (2600 N)

Dearborn Park

18th (1800S) to Roosevelt Road (1200S) to Polk (800S), State (0 E/W) to Clark (100W)


Armitage (2000N) to Fullerton (2400N), Halsted (800W) to Racine (1200W) Includes Ranch Triangle, Sheffield , Wrightwood and West DePaul

East Loop, also referred to as New East Side

Grant Park to Chicago River, Lake Michigan to Michigan Avenue

East Rogers Park

Lake Michigan to Ridge (2200 - 1800W), Devon (6400 N) to Howard (7600 N)

East Village

Ashland (1600W) to Damen (2000 W), Grand (500 N) to Augusta (1000 N)


Lake Michigan to Ravenswood (1800W), Foster (5200N) to Devon (6400N)

Edgewater Glen

Elmdale (6000N) to Granville (6200N), Broadway to Clark

Fulton Market

Lake (200N) to Carroll (338N), Union / Halsted (800W) to Aberdeen (1100W)

Fulton River District

Halsted (800W) to Chicago River, Kinzie (400N) to Randolph (150N)

Gold Coast

Lake Michigan to Clark, Oak (1000 N) to North (1600 N)

Goose Island

Chicago River, Chicago (800N) to North (1600N)

Greek Town

Halsted (800W), from Van Buren (400S) to Monroe (100S)

Humboldt Park

Chicago (800N) to Armitage (2000N), Western (2400W) to Pulaski (4000W)

Irving Park

Addison (3600N) to Irving Park (4000N), Chicago River to Cicero (4800W)

Jackson Boulevard

300 S, Laflin (1500W) to Ashland (1600W)


Diversey (2800N) to Irving Park (4000N), Lake Michigan to Chicago River

Lakeview Central

Halsted (800W) to Southport (1400W), Wellington (3000N) to Addison (3600 N)

Lakeview East

Diversey (2800N) to Addison (3600N), Lake Michigan to Halsted (800W)


Foster (5200N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N), Lakewood (1300W) to Wayne (1332W)

Lincoln Park

North (1600N) to Diversey (2800 N), Lake Michigan to Clybourn. Includes DePaul, Mid North, Old Town Triangle, Ranch Triangle, Sheffield

Lincoln Square

Lincoln, Lawrence (4800N) and Western (2400W)

Logan Square

Fullerton (2400N) to Diversey (2800N), Western (2400W) and the Kennedy Expressway to Central Park (3600W)


The Loop, defined by the 'El' track loop

Wabash (45 E) to Wells (200W), Jackson (300S) to Lake (200 N)

Mid North

Armitage (2000N) to Fullerton (2400 N), Lake Michigan to Halsted (800W)

New East Side

Grant Park to Chicago River, Lake Michigan to Michigan Avenue (100E)

Noble Square

Kennedy Expressway to Ashland (1600W), Augusta (1000N) to North (1600N)

North Center

Ravenswood (1800W) to Chicago River, Addison (3600N) to Montrose (4400N)

Old Irving Park

Addison (3600N) to Montrose (4400N), Chicago & Milwaukee railroad tracks to Pulaski (4000 W)

Old Town Triangle

Wells and Lincoln Avenue, North Avenue (1600N) to Armitage (2000N)

Old Town

Division (1200N) to North (1600N), Clark (100W) to Clybourn and Larrabee (600W)

Park West

Lake Michigan to Halsted (800W), Fullerton (2400N) to Diversey (2800N)

Peterson Park

Chicago River, Lincoln Avenue, Bryn Mawr (5600N) to Peterson (6000N)


Cermak (2200S) to 16th (1600S), Canal (500W) to Damen (2000 W)

Printers Row

Polk (800S) to Congress (500S), State (0 E/W) to Clark (100 W)

Ranch Triangle

North (1600N) to Armitage (2000W), Halsted (800W) to Clybourn and Racine (1200W)

Randolph Market

Along Randolph (150N), from DesPlaines (630W) to Ogden


Clark to Sacramento (3000W), Montrose (4400N) to Foster (5200N)

Ravenswood Manor

Montrose (4400N) to Lawrence (4800N), Chicago River to Sacramento (3000W)

River North

Clark Street (100W) to the Chicago River, Chicago River to Chicago (800N)

River West

Grand (500N) to Division (1200N) Chicago River to Kennedy Expressway

Rogers Park

See East Rogers Park, West Rogers Park

Roscoe Village

Belmont (3200N) to Addison (3600N), Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W)


Lincoln Avenue to Western (2400W), Rosehill Cemetery, Bryn Mawr (5600N) and Peterson (6000N)

Saint Ben's

Addison (3600N) to Irving Park (4000N), Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W)

Sandburg Village

Division (1200N) to North (1600N), Dearborn (36W) to LaSalle (150W)


Halsted (800W) to Magnolia (1232 W), Armitage (2000N) to Fullerton (2400N)

Sheridan Park

Montrose (4400N) to Lawrence (4800N), Broadway to Clark

South Branch District

Chicago River to Halsted (800W), Jackson (300S) to Roosevelt Road (1200S)

South Loop/Burnham Park

Roosevelt Road (1200S) to Jackson (300S), Michigan Avenue (100E) to Chicago River


Lake Michigan to Michigan Avenue, Grand (500N) to Oak (1000N)


Damen (2000W), Taylor (1000S) and Ogden

Ukrainian Village

Grand (500N) to Division (1200N), Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W)

University Village

Roosevelt (1200S) to Harrison (600S), Halsted (800W) to Ashland (1600W)


Lake Michigan to Ashland (1600W), Irving Park (4000N) to Foster (5600N). Includes Buena Park, Clarendon Park, Sheridan Park

West DePaul

Fullerton (2400N) to Diversey (2800N), Racine (1200W) to Ashland (1600W)

West Graceland

Clark to Ashland (1600W), Irving Park (4000N) to Montrose (4400N)

West Lakeview

Damen (2000W) to Chicago River, Diversey (2800N) to Addison (3600N)

West Loop

Ashland (1600W) to Chicago River, Eisenhower Expressway to Grand Ave (530N)

West Rogers Park, also known as West Ridge

Kedzie (3200W), Ridge (2200-1800W), Devon (6400N) and Howard (7600N)

West Town

Eisenhower Expressway to Chicago (800N), Halsted (800W) to California (2800W)

Wicker Park

Ashland (1600W) to Western (2400W), Division (1200N) to North (1600N)


Fullerton (2400N) to Diversey (2800N) Halsted (800W) to Racine (1200W)


Halsted (800W) to Clark, Addison (3600N) to Irving Park (4000N)

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