Buyer's 18 Point Plan of Action - Lakefront Realty Group


When you are looking to buy real estate, you need more than someone with a real estate license in one hand and business cards in the other hand. At Lakefront Realty Group, here's what we do to provide you with the finest service and technology available.

1. Get You Pre-Approved

The single most important thing you can do is to get Pre-Approved for a mortgage before you begin looking for properties. You can contact your lender, or we will put you in touch with our lenders who will issue you a Pre-Approval Letter at no charge or obligation. This will put you in a much better competitive position versus other buyers who don't have a Pre-Approval Letter.

2. Automatic Email Account

You tell us what you're looking for in terms of area, bedrooms, and price. We'll set you up with a private client account where you'll be emailed new properties that match what you're looking for as they become available. Good properties go fast, and this technology allows you to find out about new properties even before some agents do.

3. Actively Seek Out Other Properties That Meet Your Needs

Many agents rely on just the Multiple Listing Service to find out about properties for sale. We'll go further and actively seek out other sources of properties that meet your needs.

4. Set & Coordinate Appointments To Show You Properties

Once you've identified properties you'd like to see, we'll coordinate and set up appointments to get in to see those properties, at days and times convenient for you.

5. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis

Once you've found a property that you'd like to make an offer on, we'll prepare a computerized Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine the best price.

6. Prepare a Financing Illustration

We'll prepare a Financing Illustration (ask us to show you a sample) to give you an estimate of what your payments will be.

 7. Write Your Offer

We'll write your offer on a standard form contract, complete with Attorney Approval and Home Inspection contingency clauses to protect you.

8. Professionally Negotiate

We are experienced negotiators, because representing buyers and sellers of real estate is all we do. You'll benefit from our extensive experience.

9. Obtain All Appropriate Disclosures

As the buyer of real estate, you are entitled to certain disclosures under Federal and State law, as well as City of Chicago ordinance. We'll make sure that you will promptly get all the disclosures that you are entitled to.

10. Provide You With Our Buyer's Checklist

Once you have your property under contract, we'll provide you with our exclusive Buyer's Checklist, which will give you a simple road map for the rest of your transaction so you can make sure no details get overlooked.

11. Scan & Email You All Documents As PDF's

We'll scan all your documents, turn them into PDF's, and email them to you so you can keep them on your computer for easy and permanent access.

12. Forward Documents To Your Attorney, Mortgage Lender, and Condo Association

We'll immediately forward all necessary documents (contract, disclosures, etc) to all the parties who need to receive them, so they can start processing those documents right away.

13. Set Up and Accompany you to your Home Inspection

We'll set up and accompany you to your Home Inspection. We'd be happy to refer you to a Home Inspector, if you need a referral. While we are agents, and not home inspectors, from our experience we can sometimes suggest solutions that might not be immediately evident to your home inspector.

14. Negotiate Inspection Issues

Sometimes, issues come up that need to be negotiated and resolved between you and the seller. Frequently, attorneys don't have the time or motivation level to pursue the best solution. We're always available to make phone calls and offer advice to resolve any issues that may come up.

15. Make Sure Your Appraiser Gets Access

Your mortgage lender will usually require that an Appraiser visit the property for an inspection. We'll do what's necessary to make sure your Appraiser gets in on a timely basis.

16. Schedule And Attend Your Final Walk Through

Your Final Walk Through usually takes place within 48 hours of your Closing. The Final Walk Through is your final opportunity to visit the property to make sure that the property is in the same condition as it was when you first viewed it. We'll set up and accompany you on your Final Walk Through.

17. Coordinate Details For Your Closing

We'll work closely with your attorney and your mortgage lender to do everything possible to make sure your closing occurs on schedule, with no problems.

18. Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

If you're not happy with your new home for any reason within six months after you buy it, we'll re-sell it for you at no charge. You will still be responsible for a buyer's agent commission but we'll handle the listing side of the transaction for free.